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Life of the Party: Roll for Initiative

A campaign full of Hi-jinks continues in the 2nd gathering of comics from the series Life of the Party by Travis Hanson
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LIfe of the Party: Roll for Initiative
Put together and illustrated by Travis Hanson with a forward by Eisner Nominated comic book artist Caleb Cleaveland (the ABC's of RPG's)

Every campaign, every adventure, every roll of the dice creates a story that needs t be remembered. Travis Hanson captures these moments in his new book, Life of the Party. Each page captures a snippet of one of these moments in a way that makes one laugh. The images were all drawn by hand with Copic markers on a bristol board, and then scanned in to create a higher resolution image. The books  will be signed by Travis before shipping.
Final size 5 1/2 x 8

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