Retailers & Distributors
We would love for our books to be in your stores. Its a win win situation for everyone. For comic book retailers and book stores we offer special pricing and deals that are not available to the general public.

If you would like to receive our pricing list send an email to

To purchase our books and products at discount prices, we require that you email us the following information. . 1. A valid Resale License and 2. A store address . We also would ask that you have a minimum purchase of at least 5 books to make it worth while.

Our goal is to create a healthy environment with our venders. We want to help you sell our products and to do that Travis is willing to visit your stores when in the area to sketch for free and sign books for your patrons. For more information on Travs availability please email him at

Thanks once again for your support, we could not do this without you
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