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Little Lost Tales, A Travis Hanson Sketchbook Limited

A very limited edition illustration book of cartoonist Travis Hanson - Only 500 in circulation and each one comes signed and numbered.
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Little Lost Tales: A Travis Hanson Sketchbook
2015 Vol 1

Come and experience the incredible and imaginative worlds of Travis Hanson in this special Limited Edition Sketch Book. A compilation 24 unique and special pieces designed to take you on the adventures that you see within the pages. This is the first book in a series of daily sketches by cartoonist Travis Hanson. The book is 6x6 and there are only 500 in print.  Each book will be numbered and with an exclusive sketch on the inside cover.

6x6, 28 page Soft cover (saddle stitch).
with a beautiful wraparound cover

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Review : The front cover of this book states that the sketchbook is to inspire you to find you find your own story and adventures. It does that in spades. The illustrations are awesome. They are wonderfully detailed and are fantastically whimsical. I've only had mine a couple of days and love both the illustrations and the tales that have come from them.

Are Any of the three standalone books avaliable as PDF?

The three small stand alone books are print only. I am sorry.

How can I order this book before Nov 1? I don't need #1-10. Any number will do. Bill

Hi Bill- Thanks for your interest -all you have to do is choose the only available and put it in your cart, than go through the check out process. 1-10 are no longer available. thanks trav

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