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So you want to buy a Robot Dino?

An incredible new adventure about the in's and outs of buying your first Robot Dinosaur.
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So you want to by a Robot Dino?

So You Want to Buy A Robot Dino?
A little lost tale by Travis Hanson

Have you ever had the need for a Robot Dinosaur? Come on down to Mad Frankies Used Robot Dinosaur lot and pick out the model that best for you. A brand new little lost tale by illustrator Travis Hanson about finding that perfect Robot Dinosaur just for you.

6x6, 28 page Soft cover (saddle stitch).
with a beautiful wraparound cover- with a custom sketch on the inside of your dino...

Also Available for and extra $15 a very special 6x6 robot Dinosaur prints or have your own custom robot dino copic piece created for $50. Choose from a wide variety of dinos. This is a very limited offer. See Sample below.

Dinosaur print options - Just find the dino you need (I'll be posting one a day)
6x6 companion prints- Robot T-rex, Robot Triceratops, Robot Stegasaurus

Plus a very special thanks to Darne for the Flat work- this book and all other books would not be possible without her.
Currently there are no reviews for this product.
not possible to order book alone, requires a positive response to "more dinos" to complete order!

it should be fixed- sorry about that

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