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the Bean vol 1: Riddles & Shrooms

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The Bean vol 1:Riddles & Shrooms
168 pages, B/W interior

Plot In a little Inn, deep in the heart of Darkleaf forest, works a young dishwasher named Bean. While on an errand for shrooms Bean is kidnapped by a chaotic Troll and ends up finding a very special sword that needs to be healed. So his adventure begins one that will be filled with danger, adventure and realization that he is the one that controls his destiny and no one else.

So come and join our epic adventure of a dishwasher...

You can also keep up with the adventures of the bean online at Bean Leaf Press. An Eisner nominated webcomic that updates Monday and Thursdays.

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Just browsing through the store. I like this version. The pages are laid out well, images all load (none of which were the sites fault before, however it shows that the version is much improved to handle junky clunky browsers.) I saw some people had left reviews, but no questions asked. So... Why is Bean, named 'Bean'?

Glad to see things working- Are you asking why is the comic named "bean" or why bean himself is named "bean" The "Bean" is actually a nickname for someone very dear to me and as I watched him grow older, he just fit the role, so I built a story around his nickname. The character itself... well that will be answered much later on in the comic:)

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