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Tia's Place

I remember as a kid how at times my drawings, no matter how crude they were, seemed to just come to life. It was as if new worlds were open to me, a place to escape. As I got older, it took a bit to feel this way again, until I noticed one of my daughters completely engrossed in her own art. It put a spark back in me and a desire to find those wonderful worlds again. Kids bring the power to life, something that adults struggle with. Yet, if you try hard enough, it does come back.

Each print I create has it's unique tale. There is the tale that I see and then there is the story you as the viewer sees. The trips can be magical and fantastic adventures to far away places, lost emotions and exciting encounters. It is what makes the piece special.

Each print is a limited piece. I create only a small amount and once that piece is sold the image retired. This allows your art to have value. It also allows me, to create more.

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