New Prints and Changes

 by beanleafpress on 27 Jan 2013 |
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Hi Guys -
Working on some new changes on the site. Little cosmetic things here and there. I am not a programer and I am a little rough on the edges, but I thought I would pat myself on the back a little over what I have figured out.

Some of the biggest changes are in the prints. I have been really trying to build up my print collection. If you look around you will notice a lot of new pieces of art. Lately I have been playing with fantasy characters and schemes. The biggest thing is that I am trying to figure out some new techniques and styles. The most important thing an artist can do is practice and push themselves. Is it hard at times, yes. In the end though it is worth it.

Keep an eye out though. These next few months we should see some pretty big and cool things. Until then continue adventuring in my worlds. I really enjoy the company and share the adventure with a friend.



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