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 by beanleafpress on 18 Oct 2012 |
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Trav's Art Blog

I figured that it was about time I created a special blog that was dedicated more towards my artwork and style. I realized the makes it hard for people to find all the other cool and fun things that I work on. In fact that site is more dedicated to the bean than anything else. So this place will be for those that just love my prints and imagination. Yet I will prob put these on the bean site as well.

This is my newest piece. Click it to go see a better version of it. Yet as you can tell I enjoy floating rocks and the sea. I find those to be a very peaceful place to go, when the world seems a little crazy.

It seems that in this world we are always on the go, pushing and pushing ourselves further and further. This can be dangerous because we miss the little things that life has to offer. You never know what you might see if you just stop and look for it.

I like to look at life as an extremely fun place full of endless possibilities. Why don't you come and play awhile.

keep creating -


travis- the artist - Comment
travis- the artist18 Oct 2012Reply
Just checking to see how well this works. Feel free to leave a comment if you want, I am always willing to chat.

Jande - Comment
Jande18 Oct 2012Reply
Fun, Trav! I'm with you about all the possibilities. That attitude of grattitude is what keeps me vital.

Love the showoff. :`)

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