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The Heart of Discipleship

The Reverend Carmen Viola, a deacon at Grace Episcopal Church in Haddonfield, New Jersey, authored The Heart of Discipleship, a special book of Bible stories that are colorfully illustrated and illuminated by commentary. Illustrations were done by Travis Hanson.
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The Heart of Discipleship
Put together by the Reverend Carmen Viola and illustrated by Travis Hanson

Prior to the modern era, churches used vivid  imagery, including stained glass windows and paintings, to tell the story of God and our relationship with him. Most people could not read or write so they relied on pictures and  religious interpreters to understand the Bible. For many of us, pictures are still a powerful way to share stories and understand biblical context. The  illustrations in this book represent stories and ideas from the Bible using  pictures to focus on Discipleship as a way of teaching what God has been trying  to share with us all along. The illustrations are layered and linked so that a  child can see things on one level, while an adult seeking greater understanding  can be led into a deeper and larger view of the Creator. Often seeing things  from a different point of view, such as through these illustrations, can give  us insight and shed new light on God's plan for our world and our lives. These  stories of the ancient world come alive in pictures and show all of us why  God's word is still important and relevant today.
Final size 9x13

My thoughts by Trav
The Hearts of Discipleship...

It's not everyday that one gets the chance to work on such an incredible and inspired book. I was approached to work on this project, during a period of incredible insecurity in my life. My world was literally feeling like it was falling apart. Carmen approached me and asked if I would like to be a part of this incredible adventure. Two men of different faiths, joined by a common cause to bring a little more light and hope in a very dark world at times.

What made this project so incredible for me was it was the feeling that we were being guided every step of the way. That the message was simple... that even darkest moments of our lives one can find hope. I must say I love how simplistic and yet how deep this book is, how non-threatening and that people are challenged to find their own answers and strengthen their own believes.

I believe that we all have a choice on how we navigate our lives. One where people are invited to follow the master if they choose.  Yet I also realize you cannot force faith, you cannot force belief, and you cannot force conversion. People must find those things for themselves... but I can as with others teach by example and show people that there is something incredible and wonderful for us to hold on to. That blessings are real and that god has a plan for us.

I feel that this project moved me and help me find how important it is to live what one preaches. My talks with Carmen, have been some of the most incredible, spiritual conversations of my life and how two men, from two different faiths, can build one another up and inspire men, women and children to come unto Christ and find that live can be full of light, hope and smiles.

Thank you Carmen for inviting me to come on this adventure with you.

May your day be full of light.

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Review : LOVE LOVE LOVE I opened the package a few minutes ago, although I had it for several weeks. Now I am kicking myself for not opening it sooner. This book has a beautiful message with thought provoking questions and the illustrations brought me to tears! I just bought 3 more for each of my children's families. This will replace the usual Christmas book I give them each year!

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