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Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone

Come join Tanner Jones and the crew of the Scrawny Duck for the greatest treasure hunt ever.
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Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone by Catherine &
Travis Hanson

A story about a boy, some pirate bears and the quest to fine the fabled Monkey Stone. A magical story about the power of imagination and where that power can take you, which is anywhere. So come sale away on a mystical journey of robot fish, floating rocks and a generally good time as you treasure hunt with the

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4507-9718-4
Library of Congress Control Number 2014944357
7.25 x 11.75

Comes signed with a special sketch of one the bears on the inside cover from Travis Hanson

Name : Mandy
Location : Tampa, Florida
Title : A treasure
Review : Sometimes I think Mr. Hanson must have met my children before because it feels like he wrote it just for them. It is their favorite book, period. I have three boys, 5, 4, and 2, and they hang all over me, trying to point out every detail in every picture. I don't even try to read it anymore, so engaged they are in the illustrations. It has robots, floating landscapes, pirates - just oodles of adventure packed into every page, delicious and accessible to three pre-school boys. It has fueled their imagination, and I'm finally going to have to get some more of Mr Hanson's works because they are hungry for more. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this delight!

Name : Tom Stone
Location :
Title :
Review : Travis Hanson has created a Gem of a book here! I love everything about this book from the embossed front and back covers to the horizontal illustrative format chosen to tell his story. The story is told in prose on each left hand page and is accompanied by fun, inventive colorful illustrations around the text to help tell the story. These illustrations are perfectly complemented by fun, well composed, full page imaginative color illustrations on each right hand page. This is one of my favorite children's/family friendly books.

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